Welcome to Johan Storm's official web page

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Following my website is the best way to keep yourself updated on what projects I'm working on. Here you will get the latest news about my short films and photo projects. From here you can also contact me in case you're looking for a director, cameraman, photographer, etc.

You can find more information about prices below the "About Me" tab. 

I'm almost always looking for something or someone for my films. Look in the ATM (At The Moment) section if you're interested in participating in my projects. If you are, contact me by going to the "Contact Me" tab.  


- Planning the 2014 Time Lapse Project! It will most likely be recorded in 4k instead of 1080p this time! 

- Take a look at our new project Operation Unseen! Where you can find amazing urban exploration pictures! Search #OperationUnseen

- Working on the "freedom cube" project. The project is about freedom and will represent human rights. My task is to make a film about it.